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Need some lumber or building materials? Cyr Lumber& Home Center has a hard-working, dedicated, well-trained Yard Team ready to serve you. Whether you need to swing in and pick-up a few items or get a load of lumber delivered, you can count on Cyr Lumber to make your job easier. Cyr Lumber is committed to making, you, our customer, our top priority.

Customer Service

Our Yard Team is ready and willing to assist you when you come in to pick up materials. Small loads or large loads, we will give you the very best service you deserve. Our yard is organized, clean and loaded with lumber and products you need. Our drive-thru lumber building makes it easy to get the stock you want. If you’re swinging to pick up a few things or a whole load of lumber, our Yard Team will help you quickly and effectively, get the materials you need and get you in and (more importantly) out and back to the jobsite. Do you have a big load to get? Call us ahead of time so we can pull your order and have it ready.

Delivery Service

Our Delivery Team is on the go bringing lumber and materials to jobsites in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Southern Maine. We have the equipment and trained personnel to deliver what you need, where you want, when it has to be there. Once you call in that order to your salesperson or lumber desk, our Delivery Team takes over. Our Shipper schedules the delivery, our Load Builders pull the order, our Expediter checks the order for accuracy, our Loader loads the truck and finally our Driver delivers the order to you. It takes a good size team to get you your order. Do you have a special request? We can also accommodate any reasonable request - wrap units with lumber covers, double bunk lifts, boom plywood to a second floor - if we can do it, we will. We also have a fleet of equipment to get the job done - eight forklifts, a dozen pick-up trucks, one-ton and large flatbed dumps, box trucks, boom and donkey trucks - the right truck for every job.

Our Managers

Greg Hosey is our overall Yard Manager. He oversees all aspects of our yard operations, from shipping/receiving to customer assistance and the property management.

Under Greg is Matt Dunnin our Shipper. Matt’s been at the head of the shipping department for several months now. 

Our Fleet

Pick-up Trucks - You’ll notice that all our pick-up trucks, including those used by our Road Sales Team, all have lumber racks! Your Road Salesperson can bring out a few items, in between deliveries, when headed out to visit your jobsite.

Box Trucks - For cabinets, doors, windows and other high-end, fragile products, our box trucks deliver the goods safe and sound right to your door - just as if they came direct from the factory.

Flatbed Dump Trucks - The staple of the delivery fleet, the flatbed dump truck is a quick solution to quick deliveries. From our smaller one-ton trucks to the larger dumps, we can get in and out of your jobsite quickly and back to the yard for more. These trucks are perfect for deck packages, small additions and a few units of lumber.

Boom Trucks - Our boom trucks deliver the big loads or loads that require materials to be hoisted up to a second floor or roof. These trucks can haul a lot of material and are in big demand these days.

Donkey or Moffett Trucks - These large flatbeds are equipped with a jobsite forklift that can deliver materials around the jobsite. These “Donkeys” are very popular and are also in high demand these days.




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