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RGC Marine Aluminum Docking System

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When you know

you’re looking for just the right dock to compliment and enhance the value and enjoyment of your shorefront home. RGC and Cyr Lumber offers you everything you’re looking for in

a dock - ease, versatility, safety, style, quality and value.

Ease.  Above all else, these docks are easy to install.  They’re lightweight, easy to move and roll-in or out of the water. One or two people can usually move them.  They’re also easy to level -  right from the top! They take the “chore” out of this task.

Versatility. These docks are modular and can be configured to create a variety of designs just right for your needs. Each section easily attaches to the next.  Want to change your set-up -  no problem. Need to add-on - go ahead.

Safety. The aluminum deck surface is treated with a quality, light gray color, slip-resistant durable  finish. This finish helps reflect the sun and keep the dock cooler. The ultra-wide wheels and double braced legs provide a rugged and stable support for yo

ur active family.

Style. These docks look and feel great. Attractive and functional accessories will top off your  personal dock system, making it the way you want for the way you want to use it. Every secton and every accessory is factory made to exacting standards. They’ll add an elegance that you just can’t get with bulky wooden docks.

Quality and Value.  All components are made from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Designed to last, season after season, even in our harsh New England climate, these docks carry a 15-year limited warranty. That means NO corrosion, NO stripping, NO maintenance, EVER! In stock and ready to go, you can  customize to your needs without paying for a custom dock. You’ll add value to your life and to your property.

 It’s our pleasure to help you make the selection of your dock system as easy as possible. We welcome the opportunity to assist you. Let our courteous and knowledgeable sales team help you assess your needs. As always, we will provide you with our great service.

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