Scotts Best 4-Step Program 

Scotts easy-to-follow 4-step program will help the homeowner develop a thick, green lawn that will combat weeds, insects and diseases. Scotts knows that the only way to achieve this is through regular lawn feedings -- given at the right times. You can start the 4-step program at any time!

Step 1 - Crabgrass Preventer Plus Fertilizer

Apply in Early Spring: February - April
Feeds & prevents crabgrass, foxtail, oxalis, Spurge and other grassy weeds all season long.

Step 2 - Weed Control Plus Fertilizer

Apply in Late Spring: April - June
Feeds & kills dandelions, clover and most other broadleaf weeds.

Step 3 - Insect Control With Fertilizer

Apply in Summer: June - August
Feeds & kills surface insects that cause lawns to thin and turn brown.

Step 4 - Lawn Fertilizer

Apply in Fall: August - November
Provides a thicker, sturdier lawn in the fall with better green
up the following spring.


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